[February 13, 2008]

It’s been a while since I got glued to the television for a day. I accomplished nothing the other day being in front of the TV all the time. I have no idea why but it just came naturally for me that I have to watch Lozada’ testimony being clarified by the senators and GMA’s men’s lies being “difficult to clarify” as Lozada smartly puts it. It’s quite easy to judge who is telling lies from the proceedings seeing how each resource person answered the questions hurled at them by the senators. Putting all subjectivity aside let me analyze again why in my opinion or anyone else who has a functional brain knows that what Lozada is telling is the truth. And since all the fake president’s men ganged-up on Lozada’s testimony I’ll scrutinize their ‘truths,’ Lozada’s truths and the real truths. In this country where truths tend to be true only when it benefits the fake president, truths now come in a chronological order. Maybe I can squeeze back some sense into everyone’s mind that the truth is the only truth, one truth and nothing else.
I’ll approach this simple. So simple that even a child would understand. Simple enough that anyone who has common sense would know. Lozada attested that he was held against his will when he arrived from the airport. He narrated how Mascarinas and the gang that includes Atutubo gave him the VIP treatment and how they drove him around against his will, again as a VIP. Atienza, Razon and the rest of the gang are in chorus that it was at the request of Lozada that he be given security and protection and the VIP treatment is at the behest of Lozada’s fear for his life. Now what is wrong with the said equation? It is the fact that Lozada DID NOT ask for it. He vehemently denies that it is the kind of security he needs. It is the fact that in VIP situations, you order the men who are treating you as a VIP where you want to go; what you want to do and when do you want to go home. In Lozada’s VIP situation, it was the exact opposite. Call it as you may but for me, when you are held against your will automatically translates to kidnapping. It is the absence of freedom without a jail sentence that makes a kidnapping a kidnapping. Common sense would dictate that Lozada was kidnapped. Ah, common sense, in the age of the fake president, it seems that it is not so common after all.
Here comes Bautista the lawyer, who he claims is Lozada’s lawyer. But then there’s a catch—Lozada has no idea that he hired Bautista the lawyer. I’ll save up on my fingertips and just let your common sense which is rare nowadays to analyze what is, again wrong with that. Bautista the lawyer came to the senate all fired-up. He even cited his former clients; the books he authored and his numerous accomplishments on national TV. I’m not being biased, but seeing how the senators grilled him afterwards was bliss. I’m no fan of Lacson but I had a smile from ear to ear when he sarcastically praised Bautista the lawyer for being an expert when it comes to the law. Bautista the lawyer’s claim is that Lozada asked him to prepare an affidavit for him so that it would his ‘guide’ when he testifies at the senate. My answer, two words rolled into one—bull and shit, BULLSHIT. Bautista the lawyer’s legalese of a third party involved in hiring him is also a lot of bull. To surmise it up, Bautista the lawyer was successful in his appearance at the senate—he succeeded in making an ass out of himself.
Atienza, another GMA henchman, claims that Lozada feared for his life so he arranged for his security hence the VIP treatment. But as Lozada’s words put it as to what Atienza said to him when he was allowed to make his trip back home “ok na, dumaan ka lang sa immigration hindi ka na nila i-hohold.” Now from Lozada’s story and also from the admittance of the VIP entourage, Lozada never passed thru at the immigration. He was whisked away from the tube. It’s clear proof that the VIP entourage was not the security or the planned reentry plan for Lozada if there really was a plan or arranged security in the first place.
But what struck me like a bolt of lightning was Joker Arroyo. I knew beforehand that he was an administration senator. But I fondly remember his role in the impeachment trial of Estrada. I admired the guy then however I lost all that admiration the minute he blew his top when he himself opened the can of worms when his wife was mentioned. My dear senator should I remind you that you were the one that said Lozada favors some senators and favors some TV stations? Lozada just tried to prove to you that he did not favor just some. But then you cut him off, imposing yourself to be high and mighty being a senator. You remind me of a professor when corrected by student, refuses to admit his mistake and instead maintains the incorrect information resulting in misinformed students who would probably be elected like you at the senate.
The PNP is bragging that they succeeded in their mission to protect Lozada because he is alive and well. But that is just what they have to do. If Lozada was made ala Dacer then that would be a bigger liability for the age of the fake president. It would have sparked the revolution overnight. Lozada needs to be alive but singing the tale that he was not abducted and protecting the NBN project. That is the reason for the affidavit. That is the reason for the debriefing via VIP treatment. This government cannot afford the death of Lozada. They thought they have everything in the bag after that mafia-style coercion of Lozada; it just goes to show that nothing is really for sure in this world. And we have to thank Lozada for that.
It bothers me how the state is using the legitimate resources of the state against a hapless citizen who only wants to tell the truth. Unimaginable as it may seem but you have the upper echelons of the government involved in this conspiracy. The PNP top-brass; the airport heads; E.S. and Ma’am; and the DENR. Their appearance in the senate proved what they want to disprove, that there really is a conspiracy. All the fake president’s men would really take the fall for their Ma’am. And I’ll be not surprised if there will be resignations in weeks to come just to appease the public clamor to oust the fake president. Heads will roll but the fake head of state would sacrifice everyone around her just as long as it is not her head on a spit.  Plus, expect a demolition job on Lozada. That is how a conspiracy works especially when it is the very government who has sworn to protect its citizenry is at the helm of it all.
The senate investigation for me is but a spark. We have to work with it. If it continues for too long then Lozada’s testimony would be all for naught and everything will soon be forgotten and the public will soon grow tired of watching it. And seeing how we have decayed with our morals when it comes to the shocking scandals Malacanang is involved with. We might again sweep all of this under the rag. And once again, evil succeeded because the good men did nothing or just tried to make a living or went to school. I believe Friday is D-day at Makati. Let me paraphrase the Makati Business Club’s statement. If a little economic instability is the price we pay for good governance then we should pay that price, the Filipinos, after all have shown that they can rise again no matter what as long as we have the truth on our side.