[February 23, 2008]

A few days ago I bear witness to Lozada’s former employee, Erwin Santos’ testimony of graft practices being done with his knowledge and compliance by no other than Lozada himself. It was broadcasted over the government’s NBN station. It was what I totally expect in a demolition job except there was overkill because they had Santos break down into tears a la Lozada when he was testifying in the senate. It was that overkill that killed it all for that damning but untruthful testimony.
Lozada already admitted being involved in graft practices when he was in government service and that those practices are ones that he cannot be proud of with. It was Miriam Santiago who had all the documents furnished to her by maybe powers-that-be of all the anomalous acts Lozada committed while president of Phil Forest who first brought to all of it to light. Lozada: Mea culpa!
How do we get witnesses to plunder or organized crime? We build cases. We stake-out. We persuade the very ones who knows the inner working of a syndicate to rat on their superiors offering them immunity or a lesser sentence. Take the case of Singson for example, though his frustrated whacking was the very reason for his testifying against Estrada, still, being a member of the midnight cabinet who is deemed very close to Estrada then, he knows who buffers who and who buttons who. Now where can you find a better witness than that?
Take note of one of GMA’s friend who undermines Lozada’s truth because according to her, how can you believe anyone who admits that he himself committed anomalous acts? That question in itself fortified Lozada’s testimony. Lozada is more believable because he acted as an adviser; he was tasked to ‘moderate the greed’ as if greed now is almost a virtue. It was to be expected though because at the grass root levels of the Filipino society, greed is already in exercise. You don’t believe me? Try researching about the Sangguniang Kabataan and you’ll know what I’m driving at.
It doesn’t take one to be a genius to know that this sort of demolition job on Lozada is just what it is—a demolition job. Anything that can be used to discredit Lozada’s testimony is bound to be unearthed and seeing how this government magically produced a million votes in the last elections we can also expect this government in the event of not finding anything they can use against Lozada to manufacture one. Well, here we have one, Santos’ tearful yet very unbelievable testimony.
It disgusts me as it should disgust anyone else how this government thinks that they can discredit Lozada in the eyes of everyone by producing a nemesis which also cries. Is this how this government thinks how imbecile our IQs are? Is this how this government thinks they can get away with it all? There’s Lozada and they produce a Santos. Sick! I need not elaborate more on how to discern the blatant spat on our faces. I need not tell you anymore why this blow is one way below the belt. Its right in front of your face and it fucking insults my and your goddam intelligence.
It boggles the mind that there are still who believes in GMA. It amazes me that the cabinet is not resigning amidst this latest brouhaha. Perhaps they’re thinking when you’re in power you want it to stay that way no matter what. I grew up in a traditionalist family where the legacy is more important than anything else. So this is the legacy that GMA and her minions would want to impart to the history books. A cabal of thieves, murderers, cheats and plunderers who are so intoxicated with the power they wield that they see no end to it. Well, we as a nation who thinks otherwise should make it that they see the end of it. I remember Richard telling Daffy in The Beach something Daffy pondered on and then committed suicide and that is how I’m tuning my final note. No offense and all, but if you still believe what GMA and her government has to say, you’re fucked in the head.