[August 16, 2005 ]

Damn! I was so wasted last night…My car stalled in the middle of nowhere but what was supposed to be the worst night of life and the expected worst day of life turned out to be a "star-strucking" experience.
This morning, I immediately asked for a mechanic who could do home-service for my car. All along I thought a fan or timing belt might have broke or the starter needs replacing but I was wrong…dead wrong! “Sir, stuck up makina mo”
An engine overhaul’s rate is around 50-60 K and will take a week, while a B-18 engine replacement would cost around 100 K and it would also take a week. A commute in the promising AUV costs 55 a pop. What to do? What to do?
CS week is tomorrow, I have to be with my fellow officers to finalize and tie loose ends that we might have overlooked in more than a month of planning. Damn! Rain! Commute is fine, but I hate the rains when I’m not inside my car listening to Eraserhead’s Tuwing Umuulan… Duty calls! I don’t want to let my fellow officers waiting for nothing, much like waiting for Gloria Arroyo to have a “conscience-attack.”
Go! Brave the rains! Good thing God blessed me with an angel. I was seated at the back of a van. It was raining like hell outside and the inside of the van was pretty hellish too. The ugliest of commuting, some people just don’t know that we are all paying customers. Hell! I think it should be considered a criminal act if someone, thinking he rented the whole van, would be “so careful in caring less” of everyone and have all the aircon vents all for himself. I still thank God I arrived at my destination safely but that’s it, just safe. CSI-Las Vegas (which is for me the best CSI) would be put to shame; there was no evidence of the two showers I took.
Everything went according to plan, except that there was this lying director who would really fail a lie-detector who really made my day (Don’t worry this sports dude really deserves a full post from me…coming soon, I got a better idea, since the forums are hot these days maybe I’ll post there too)
This is it! The commute back to home. I guessed that since it’s already eight in the evening, the aircon this time would at least be true to its purpose…dead wrong again! The worst of the worst of the worst of the worst! Our ride was the one ride I dreaded the most—an L-300 FB! The aircon is a con! And the seating arrangement is disarranging to the hips! Add the passengers who would not budge from their seat just to have their solo-saga of the aircon vents.
This is just the beginning, I know. And this is not the worst for this is the best that commuting has to offer. I know that the worst is still to come. But there is one thing I learned and recognized. The real stars are those who commute to work or school and back home. I thought that it was already a sacrifice to drive thru traffic on the over-priced, overly neglected roads full of “mags-breakers” and “shock absorber shockers” of the SLEX. Now I know that I should count my blessings. Now I know that my sacrifices were all luxury compared to the rigors of commuting.
The CS week is up to Saturday and there will be at least two more Saturdays before I can rev my B-18 stock engine and sing along with “Tuwing Umuulan…” when it rains. But I’m ready for the coming days. And no matter how bad the commute is, at least everyday I get to seat with real heroes.