[October 8, 2005]

Just yesterday I had a cruel trip back and forth Nueva Ecija, We embarked from Laguna at around 5 am, owe that to the fact that those guards from Las Villas are "just following orders" that they open the gate only at 5 am–exactly at five. Fine by me after my two last encounters of guard, one of which is "Dugong" from EAC (The Meeting Revolutions) and the other was with "Pugak" (I sort of coined that, because judging from his look and age, you could say na "pupugak pugak na paghinga nya") I have learned to just "let go and let God" when dealing with, well, guards, (ahhh, the sublime influence of the open-minded president–he is just a guard and he will be a guard all his life)
SLEX was OK, well maybe not so because of the mags-breaker ridden road (Trivia: the SLEX toll fee is much higher when compared to the NLEX toll fee per kilometer) Next was EDSA, my oh my, the main artery, the Mother of Roads. Traffic was non-existent but still mags-breaker holes abound. And finally, bliss! NLEX was so damn good! NLEX is what every road should be, though the toll fee is a killer still it is justified! BTW the trivia above is true.
After I exited Sta. Rita, enroute to Nueva Ecija, that is when I knew that, really, some good things never ever last (though "I still believe  in ever after" as the song goes… am I still making sense? har har) Tabang, Bulacan up to San Miguel was the ocean. Nah, not the ocean figuratively to mean deep in flood waters rather the ocean that surfers have in mind. That part of the trip was the blatant state of local government we have or is it the DPWH’s responsiblity. Whoever is responsible should be very ashamed of themselves, better yet do a Hara-kiri to save face.
That entire stretch was an endless surf ride. Imagine the asphalt overlay of the roads in a complete replica of a roller coaster ride or a catterpillar ride in a nearby peryahan, clearly those involve the deal to make or repair those roads did kickbacks and only kickbacks.
It doesn’t take an Einstein to know na "tinipid ang halo" ng punyetang kalye na un. Gaya ng sabi ng isang kabigan ko, "LANTARANG KASINUNGALINGAN na nga e pinabayaan pa natin."
It was a good thing I do not have to traverse that road everyday otherwise I would curse the one whose responsible to death, them, up to his or her second degree of consaguinity. It is our choice if we choose to surf, and it is obvious as how GMA obviously cheated that my choice of surfing is at the beach and not on a national road to Nueva Ecija.