[February 12, 2006]

You hope and you give up everything for the unicorn, it has been said that it is impossible to snare one, yet everyone still tries.
So what is a unicorn?
Is it someone or something that you have willingly given yourself to? Someone that is family that you know no matter what happens, family is family, and though years may have been between the both of you, you know that you’ll always end up with family, because it is what it is—family. Then, a unicorn is an angel.
So how long do you wait? After all the wounds have healed or you refusing to heal to it because you thought it will never be too late. That exact kind of thinking makes it all too late, I swear by it. Well if the unicorn is family then we all will never get tired hunting. And if it is an angel then you got this life and the afterlife pursuing that unicorn.
If it’s not family then maybe it’s the maker of the distance between you and family. It’s the angel that too made you believe that nothing is more worth dying for and nothing is more worth living for.
But then it turns out that that unicorn was only waiting for you to release that snare all along scheming on how to make you believe that everything isn’t make believe and then at the very first chance leaves your snare and goes for the kill. Just when you needed that unicorn then it’s gone.
Have you ever heard of a unicorn that kills? I made that up, no it’s real. How do unicorns kill? Unicorns can, by just being a unicorn. It’s not their fault. It’s their nature to be one—to be a unicorn. And now you think unicorns are dangerous.
Unicorns aren’t dangerous. It’s the unicorn maker who is. It’s the one who thinks that this is THE unicorn who is defenseless to the horn—the horn that kills. We all die everyday but nothing kills like that of the unicorn.
Look at Randall Raines, looking up at Eleonor then murmuring to himself “unicorn…” just before he was to die. You don’t. want to be like that.
Well, that’s what unicorns do, they make you dive over the cliff, jump to the sure abyss, but makes you believe you can fly. You have to not because the unicorn wants you to but because you want to.  
How do you catch a unicorn? That is if you still want to catch one. Well you can’t catch a unicorn. The unicorn catches you. By the way you may already have a unicorn but you just don’t know it. So here’s what you do, never ever let go. If you do you’ll never catch one ever again.