[November 11, 2006]

Cha-cha’s first step, which is the People’s Initiative was just shot down by the Supreme Court declaring it as an “elaborate deceit scheme” however trust [fake]President GMA and her minions to find a way to get around it.
And with all those sugar and sweets coating the need for “cha-cha” as [fake]President GMA and her cohorts are peddling, trust its content to be nothing short of bitter, sour and icky pretty much what I picture the taste of the Pasig’s murky waters near Malacañan Palace would taste like if you ever be persuaded in drinking it, like how the signatories of that damned “People’s Initiative thought that charter change would actually be beneficial to them was persuaded in signing. Or maybe there were really only a handful of those who really signed it and we were only duped to see six million signatories where in reality there were only 600 signatories (well who knows, if Garci can come up with a million votes and he is only one person, imagine how many votes a whole Lower House could produce)
Back to “cha-cha,” as I’ve said earlier, the proponents of “cha-cha” is claiming that a shift in government will be good or actually is the best for this country since the election is no longer in the hands of us voters, (our only chance to vote is when we vote for our representatives which is at present—the congressmen) but in the hands of congressmen, who in a parliamentary form of government, will elect among themselves who becomes prime minister hence the chance of having another ERAP for president is reduced to null. But then again that’s all a lot of bull. Who in his right mind would not know the fact that a parliamentary shift will only pave way for three things?
1. GMA rides the crest of the wave parliament; becomes prime minister and stays beyond 2010, she’ll be giving Light Buzzyear a run for his slogan and steal it like what she did to our votes in the last election and eventually claim that her motto of staying in power, we can very well picture and hear it eerily echoing in our ears, GMA standing ,one fist raised to the sky screaming “to infinity (2010) and beyond!”
2. House [noSe]Pea[ic]ker JDV with his high and mighty rainbow coalition will finally have the chance to be president err prime minister minus the agony of a very shameful defeat like what he had when he went head on against ERAP.
3. Corruption will be at its peak and at its finest since there will be only the parliament to bribe. If you saw how the present House of Representatives connived and gang-banged on demise of the impeachment complaint, Bang Bus would have to make a run for its money when you try to imagine what gang-bang they could do to everything in a parliamentary form of government.
As I have said since time immemorial err again, ever since [fake]President GMA and her minions started all the fuss of a parliamentary shift being the salvation of this country—The form of government is NOT the reason that the Philippines is at the bottom of the well and still digging a hole to further deepen the abyss where we are in. Democracy works just fine. The reason that we are in a rut that completely understates the meaning of the word is the people who run the government. We need not change the government. We only have to change the one who leads this government. You might say that they are all the same since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so why shift the leaders. Hell, then the more we should be more vigilant. Leaders come and leaders should go when they do not serve the purpose of leadership and become slaves to their purpose.
It is not a question of how many times we have to impeach or we have to go to EDSA rather it is answering the call of EDSA every time a fake president like GMA; a jueteng lord like ERAP; a dictator like Marcos exists. Lastly, it is truly not the question of how much shit are we willing to eat from [fake]President GMA rather the question “Do we really eat shit in the first place?”