[March 26, 2007]

I’ve been very busy and there were many times I tried to post but time is always an inconvenience hence most of my blogposts remains unfinished so I thought of just posting them as is, in parts and not elaborated.
Ever since it was confirmed that there was a leakage in the 2006 Nursing Licensure Examinations I have argued that there should be a retake of the said exams. Oftentimes I would receive a barrage of negative reactions particularly from those who took the said exams. As I have said before to them and to my friends who took the exams, it is but a bitter pill to swallow for the greater good not just for their batch but for the batches after them.
I also argued that just like in the CAT or COCC, when one in your group commits a mistake either that one admits to it or the whole group is punished for that mistake. My stand does not stem that those who took the exams be treated in a military way of punishment instead they understand that as a group who took the exams they are all responsible collectively of discipline. There is a reason why in the COCC they are issuing collective punishments—to curb anyone from covering up the mistake of others or conniving or just turning a blind eye. For who would just turn a blind eye to cheating if they know that all of them would be punished, well, in the recent exams, be made to take the exams all over again?
It took the CGNFS to wake them up to reality that only in the Philippines where a fake president still reigns where cheating has become the number one in GMRC will they be able to get away with it. Do not mistake me for being insensitive to the plight of our local nurses I have many friends in that batch.

It’s just that I knew in the first place that the United States of A, the sole reason why nursing schools are making a killing would not tolerate such behavior. (Makes me wonder why GW Bush is still around) If batch 2006 do not retake the exams the reputation of Philippine nurses would be tarnished forever. A simple choice between the red and the blue pill wouldn’t you agree?  
I was never going to post this since Pacquiao backed-out his candidacy but then again he backed-out from his candidacy back-out.
Congressman Pacman, the fighting representative of GenSan! Or how about Manny Pacquiao for president! This has got to be the greatest height of Filipino political stupidity and the peak of Pacman’s idiocy. I know I’m courting flames for posting this, for Pacman as the whole world knows is a demigod in boxing. I also am a Pacman fanatic however that is where it ends. So go ahead flame me for all I care but take the round break to read and understand why the hell Pacman should leave the Philippine political hell to the demons that have thrived there for so long.
Before Pacman, I conceived boxing as one of the very dirty sports especially with the likes of Don King around, promoting and fixing everything. (but that’s for another blogpost) but having witnessed Pacman’s humble beginnings with Mano a Mano and his storied quest for where he is now in boxing, I reconsidered boxing. Plus the fact of how he united Filipinos with those lightning punches and quick footwork considering the fact that Filipinos are so disunited that a set of jackstones thrown for the around the world trick would have shown a better example of unity.
Pacquiao should start listening to The Fray and not to those around him because better than him they know when they’re over their head. But then again methinks there more than meets the eye here. As we all know Pacquiao knows boxing then again he knows cockfighting and billiards and he knows the politicians err the politicians know him. To those damn politicians Pacquiao is nothing more but a winning lotto ticket combination never mind the 1-2-3-4-5… combination he throws in the ring.
Here’s a challenge to those who are pushing Pacquiao to run for Congress: if you believe in him so much, why don’t you make him run for president instead? Pacquiao is going straight to Congress, why not shoot for the stars and go for the presidency? He has a shot at it, right? You’ll probably say no and cite reasons why. But those exact reasons are also the exact reasons why Pacquiao should leave politics alone. Or maybe they know that GMA versus Pacquaio translates to a landslide by The Pacman. And if ever Pacquiao reads this and underestimates the Filipinos intelligence and mine by answering that no one is prodding him to run. Well, Manny, you’re one very stupid idiot if you do run. You say you want to help unite the Filipinos that is why you’re running for Congress. Didn’t it occur to you that you’re doing exactly that when you climb onto that boxing arena? I have never seen the Filipinos unite like that before. You have the Filipino spirit inside your gloves with every hit you make or every combo you do. Spare us from losing another hero to politics. Keep on uniting us Pacquiao by fighting in the boxing ring and not in the political arena.
Sex and the city asked the question why are there so many great unmarried women and no great unmarried men? I’ve been meaning to go extreme lengths just to prove it otherwise. But then again as I scour my god-given onboard memory that has been wearied and teared by pharmaceutically enhanced moments of retrospection I’m beginning to believe that maybe there is truth to the question. I could debate on it extensively and devote my time heavily to disprove it. And then it hit me. The answer to the question need not my devotion and I need not elaborate it on this post. You just have to watch The Good Shepherd directed by Robert De Niro. I’ll stop at this line and let you discover the answer. The least I could do is not spoil the element of surprise. The most I could give you is a hint—the answer is already in the question.
Prison Break season one’s first eight episodes puts you at the edge of your seat. You have to relish the fact that how a plot so outrageous as getting yourself jailed so you can break out with your brother who is in death row for a crime he did commit would conclude. But that is just for the first eight  episodes. After that the story begins to drag and you begin to wonder how much bad luck did Michael Scofield unintentionally tattooed in his whole body along with the blue prints of Fox River penitentiary. But do not mistake my observation as a remark of a non-admirer of Prison Break. I’ve actually watched the whole first season and episodes 1-16 of the second season. And I also admit being an aficionado though John Abruzzi, my most wanted of the most wanted fugitives died during the first quarter episodes of season two. Also, I’m still a fan though there are many loop holes in the story and how they’ve gone overboard by putting Brad Bellick, a former Correctional Officer, in prison along with the other inmates whom he gave a really hard time before (I really hate karma stories). As I’ve argued with some of my friends and how my some of my friends agreed to my argument. Prison Break’s plot is incredible and it would really be pushing the envelope if they exceed, well, 12 episodes. Their main staying power lies with the actors. All of them really played their characters very well. 
Maybe it’s just me who loves the series because I too would have gone to great lengths to save a brother in need and this is based on real life experience. A brother’s love is really a brother’s love. Plus the head villain is a lady vice president who gets to be president after poisoning the president and has gone great lengths to cover up the trail of her ambitions which includes murdering anyone who has a say or knowledge of her madness to become president. Reel life imitating real life or to be blunt about it reel life imitating GMA’s life but I know you know that already.
But then again a series that is only good for 8-12 episodes and getting extended to a second and third season, I guess there are millions more of viewers who are watching. However I remain steadfast to my belief—Prison Break would have been one of the best mini-series up there in my pedestal of classic mini-series’ along with Taken if they just concluded it in one season. Well, that’s Hollywood for you. I said they should push the envelope yet they pushed it the wrong way all because of profit. Lost cause? Maybe not, I’m still a believer of Prison Break; movie endings where the bad guys end up happily ever after and Prison Break’s season two ending where the president… well, again, I’ll not spoil the surprise. Let’s just hope life really imitates art for our beloved president. Until then break a leg to all of us.