[April 23, 2007]

Wah! Another McDonald’s breakfast! I noticed that McDonalds here at Bukit Batok MRT is somewhat the hub of teenagers.  Well, that’s bad news for me because almost half of the teenage patrons are also availing of their Wi-Fi and that translates to an almost dial-up connection. Arrgh! Mobik Wi-Fi isn’t redirecting me to its login page. Almost half of my battery is gone and I still can’t fucking connect. I told the manager of my predicament. I’m getting impatient and regretful that I paid a 7SGD meal just because of the free Wi-Fi and here I am with no Wi-Fi. Bad morning or maybe it’s because of this lousy hangover having downed almost 12 Heinekens last night.
The manager isn’t helpful and doesn’t even have the necessary knowledge about modems and Wi-Fi, well, that is from my point of view. So in the most tranquil manner I told her that since i’m not being redirected and everyone else seems to be connected besides me, what she could do is reset the connection by restarting the router because sometimes when there’s too much traffic in the network, connection errors like what I’m having happens. She complied and tadah! I’m connected. Being grateful, I ordered another large fries.
I always make it to a point that this laptop drains its battery so as to maximize my limited battery capacity plus to get the worth of any McDonalds meal that is supersizing me as I Wi-Fi away. Drained! Next stop is the “singkit” at Unlucky Plaza. It was past 3:00pm when I arrived at Orchard. I hurriedly made my way to “singkit’s” stall. Unsurprisingly, he still was nowhere to be found. He had three colleagues there so I asked them where I could find the guy who sold me my massively overpriced cellphone. Maybe they knew that I was overpriced by their sorry excuse for a colleague so they came in his defence. I told them what I know and they reasoned out another very sorry and lame excuse for a reason. Now my temper has almost reached its breaching point and I wasn’t paying any attention to any excuse that is coming out of their mouths, well, as if, I understand what they are saying anyway, another sorry excuse for speaking in English, well fluent English is a gift by my book, what i’m hearing from those guys is more of like shrieking from the stupid idiot taxi driver I almost had a brush the other day.
As I was sizing all three of them, (Diyos ko e, kayang-kaya pare! Sama pa nila iba nila tropa! Panish! ) I remembered the story Coy told me last night about two guys who slugged it out somewhere here in Singapore. Every punch you make costs 1000SGD. In a ‘core 2 duo’ like calculation, I need 6000SGD to give those three assholes two smacks in the face each before I bring them down but I can’t be too sure so I have to allot at least a kick or two to the groin, just to be sure that they don’t get up. But I have no idea how much a kick costs. Add the fact that I remembered that I’m in Singapore and not in some stall in Quiapo plus what everyone advised me that I can’t be a tough guy here. I’ll always be on the losing end even if my calculations are correct. I’ll never ever forget that moment when I just turned my back on them, made the sign of the cross, tried to contain the shiver vibrating from both my fists because of an unreleased anger and backed-out from a fight I know i’m right and gonna end up kicking my opponent asses, these are the times when I miss the Philippines. If I was back at home all it would take is me and my loaded gun and like Bob Marley, I’ll sing “everything is gonna be alright…” 
To douse cold water on a very heated encounter I again treated myself to Barrio Fiesta. This time I told the cashier “ate, pwede yun Nilaga panay taba?” she replied as if in shock “sigurado ka?” I said yes. I also ordered Dinuguan. PAMBIHIRA! NAKATATLONG PLATO AKO NG KANIN! Hehehe! Solb! I then went back home I was a little dazed after downing all those “taba.” But the train ride seemed to take my dizziness away so I decided to stroll around West Mall which is right beside Bukit Batok MRT. I then slept when I got home. At around a little before 6:00pm, I received a call from my cousin. We were going to a get together with her Filipino friends later that night at some condominium near the city.
I forgot the name of the place but we arrived there a little past the hour of eight. I was introduced to everyone and I saw some who I met last night at DXO. We were by the pool and we ate. The spaghetti was delicious and so was the shrimps and fried chicken. I noticed everyone owns a PSP, i’m guessing that it’s the trend here. Guess what? They’re playing Tekken. Now I hope I remember King’s six-throws. I have got to get myself one of those PSPs.
After the PSP fight was the alcohol-match. First in line was Jack Daniels which we all finished in record-time then Absolut Vodka. But with no more soda in sight, everyone was not in hurry to drink. Good thing someone brought Calamansi juice. They mixed vodka with it and it tasted great! Now the problem is there’s still a bottle of Jose Cuervo next in line. Well, everyone decided that we should save that for next time and that we all should go to this club named Momo which a Filipino partly owns and that said club is closing for three weeks to renovate and it’s the last night we can go there. Almost everyone agreed to go home, get-dressed and just meet there. We, however, waited for my cousin’s friends to get-dressed and to while our time away, we played PS3’s Tekken 5. Wow! I’m also getting my hands on one of those PS3s and try remembering King’s six-throws.
Momo was packed. And we were ushered to a table near the where the billiards are. The tunes were a lot like DXO’s. Free drinks flowed freely. Like those ‘jugs’ that MOS serves. I heard from John yesterday that at Momo, it’s a mix of Vodka and soda. I never got to taste it being tipsy or maybe drunk from Jacks and Absolut earlier. I just helped myself to some Heinekens and watch our companions beat the hell out of those other nationalities in every game of 8-ball. Pinoy rules! Hahaha! My cousin’s friends were very accommodating and I felt easy to be with them. I had a grand time watching the billiards game which as I said earlier was dominated by us Pinoys. At around 4:00am we called it a night. Just when we were about to step out, the exit was blocked and we were told that there’s a fight outside. May gulo! Amp! We couldn’t get out just yet. A couple of minutes passed and the exit was finally opened. The fight is finished and the police are swarming. I got home before 6:00am. I had the grandest time here when we were inside Momo just moments before the fight.