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In early 2000, Multiply.com (donsalcedo.multiply.com)  and Friendster.com (http://greatestdon.blog.friendster.com/) offered blogging platforms on their sites. Friendster's 'who viewed me' functionality eventually led to its demise. Introduce me to a person who admits stalking in social media and I will show you my ass. Friendster forgot all about that and then came Facebook and the death of Friendster. One thing that they did right was offer a way to download the blogs. It was buggy though and I eventually migrated all of my posts manually to Blogger.com (http://highersoc.blogspot.com) hence all the comments are gone which in my opinion are what defines a blog. 

Multiply on the other hand did not offer anything. Though I also post in Multiply what I post in Friendster. There are posts that are exclusive for Multiply because everyone has a stalker, even me. And since Multiply just let their blogging platform be gone like a thief in the night, I have no way of recovering my lost posts. All what is left is what you see here.

I believe that Blogger has staying power and in the event that Google decides to shut it down, they, like Friendster will offer a way to bloggers to download a copy of their blog. However, you can never be too sure and since all the comments are gone anyway, I decided that I host all of my blogs in my own site. I still like Blogger and I will keep my commercial blog (http://braincompass.blogspot.com) there with no plans of migrating it here. It's gaddam closed anyway. I will instead be providing a link  somewhere in this site for that. Nevertheless, my active blog (http://don-speaks.blogspot.com) will also now be migrated and hosted here.

Most posts here are from way back 2005 so forgive the typos, grammar, dramas, idealism and naivety.


Of Presidents and Vice Presidents In The 2010 Filipino Elections

[January 10, 2010]

Marz did pop the question again, why choose Noynoy seeing there are more able ones? And now I have to exclude my reply that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I would be excluding that in the following paragraphs after these three, however let me further that argument of mine first. Read more...

It Is Called The Ampatuan Massacre

[December 7, 2009]

I have been tweeting that the Ampatuans should be tortured to near death every day, for the rest of their fucking lives and I’m adding GMA to that list. Everyone by now knows of the Ampatuan massacre already. Unless you’re living in your own asshole and being a dickhead like someone I know who doesn’t care one bit as to what happened to Maguindanao on that darkest day for journalists, women and children alike. Read more...

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change is a Fact

[October 15, 2009]

It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. – Chaos theory
FACT: When we denude the mountains of forests and then rain falls in epic proportions, Read more...

Cory Aquino: The Sign of Times

[August 6, 2009]

“Hindi ko nga alam kung ano ang na-contribute ni Cory sa bansa natin eh” this was the exact phrase a younger office mate told me when I asked him if he was going to the wake or the funeral of Cory Aquino last Tuesday.   I was surprised then, and I immediately asked him if he is fond of watching Naruto or Dragonball Z, in turn, he promptly said that he does. Read more...

Thank You Tita Cory

[August 1, 2009]

Last time an Aquino that I know died, a revolution was sparked.
As much as I would like to write this post without political color, I cannot. Corazon Aquino is a political person and all she has done would be without appreciation if what she has done for politics is ignored. Read more...

DR jeKHO and MR. HYDEn (The Hayden Kho Videos Reaction)

[June 2, 2009]

You have to pity Hayden and Katrina and the gossiped other 40 ladies Hayden took videos of. Since this scandal has dwarfed all other news these past few weeks including the A-H1N1 positive cases here in the Philippines, forgive me for jumping into the chismis bandwagon add the fact that everywhere I go this scandal is the topic of any Juan, Maria or Arnelita, for that, this merits a Read more...

Peakin Child

[February 5, 2009]

Now this made my morning; at 1:46 reminds me of a lot of my friends saying not exactly those words but more like, “I hope this lasts forever.” Some of them did ask me “where did my feet and legs go?” But always all the time, I love to hear, “SYET! ANG SARAP! Those were the glory days! GV! Good Vibes! GV, This takes me back to the golden age err, multi-colored partees. I miss Pureza and UP!


Friendster "View My Webcam Testimonial" Virus Cure

[January 18, 2009]

You may not know it but some people in my friends list are sending out the “view my webcam testimonial” attached to an image of a woman in a very inviting pose. If you haven’t received such testimonial, well lucky you, in the event that you do, do not click on the link; immediately delete the said testimonial so that the virus would not spread. Read more...

SMS is Free

[December 29, 2008]

Think of this a a post Christmas gift or should I say ”HELL! TO THE STREETS Y’ALL!” 

“Text messages are not just tiny; they are also free riders, tucked into what’s called a control channel, space reserved for operation of the wireless network. Read more...

E1: Introducing Eisenheim

[November 7, 2008]

Let me introduce to you a very close friend of mine, but for confidentiality purposes and some topics that would probably be blurted out here that would be damning to him or anyone around him, legally or illegally, I’ll keep him under the name, Eisenheim.


Population Explosion and Poverty

[October 16, 2008]

This is in response to Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty. This was written on the fly during my 15 minute break because of a heavy work load and it was only now that I was informed thru email that it’s Blog Action Day, so forgive any errors in grammar or so. Bloggers of world, UNITE!
Most of us would agree that poverty equates to population explosion and both factors each other. The solution is quite simple yet as simple as it is, still, it is very hard to implement. Read more...

Deleted But Not Forgotten

[September 6, 2008] 

Some of you might have noticed that I deleted a post. That is in no way to be confused that I’m backing out of what I’ve posted then. I stand by what I said then, it’s just that I feel that I’ve already conveyed what should be conveyed. The truth is, it really is the truth. so as the very old adage goes… bato, bato sa langit, ang tinamaan, GUILTY.
I’m always saying live and let live, so here it is. Still and again, I stand by what I posted then, hell or high water.

After The Rain Comes The Sun

[August 4, 2008]

How I survived Last Thursday’s Traffic Nightmare
NOTE: Paragraphs in italics like this is me talking to myself

ANOTHER NOTE:  Travel time from Southwoods to Manila is 40 minutes
I received the call at around 3:00pm, Thursday. I have to be at SSCGI at 8:00am the next day.  It has been raining since morning on that fateful day.  If I hadn’t received that call for the interview, I would’ve cooked Sinigang sa miso. Everyone just loves the taste of a hot piping soup on a very wet evening. Read more...

SMSD for Dummies

[June 21, 2008]

Remedies to get SMSD working in your iPhone.

iPhone Jailbreak for Dummies

[June 10, 2008]

Don’t pay 3k PHP that activation, unlocking, jailbreak ‘expert.’

Six easy steps to get your iPhone 3rd party app ready.

Brain Compass

[April 27, 2008]

…because sometimes the mind gets lost
…feed your mind


The Santos Untruth

[February 23, 2008]

A few days ago I bear witness to Lozada’s former employee, Erwin Santos’ testimony of graft practices being done with his knowledge and compliance by no other than Lozada himself. It was broadcasted over the government’s NBN station. It was what I totally expect in a demolition job except there was overkill because they had Santos break down into tears a la Lozada when he was testifying in the senate. It was that overkill that killed it all for that damning but untruthful testimony. Read more...

The Lozada Truth

[February 13, 2008]

It’s been a while since I got glued to the television for a day. I accomplished nothing the other day being in front of the TV all the time. I have no idea why but it just came naturally for me that I have to watch Lozada’ testimony being clarified by the senators and GMA’s men’s lies being “difficult to clarify” as Lozada smartly puts it. It’s quite easy to judge who is telling lies from the proceedings seeing how each resource person answered the questions hurled at them by the senators. Read more...

NOT sober

[February 1, 2008]

This is me in a very nasty, nasty hangover! 


Tayo na halika Isalin mo na serbesa Ilabas mo na yang mesa   E baso bote o tasa hoy! Bumili ka na ba ng yelo  Luto na ba yang puchero  Ng tyuhin mo na bumbero At tatay mo na kutsero  Read more...

Press Freedom Sodomized: For

[November 22, 2007]

Why was the NPC mural with the theme of ‘Press Freedom’ censored? Who stands to benefit from its defiling? I’m going to take time to analyze the edited parts of the mural. Read more...

Press Freedom Sodomized: V

It has been weeks since the National Press Club (NPC) mural was sodomized for the reason that there are many leftist elements inculcated in the mural by the Angono artists. I for one was shocked when I read the paper that day. I have been meaning to write a protest blog for that fiasco but due to previous engagements I decided to postpone it for a week or two, knowing all too well that due to the initial alarm that such attack on press freedom, a tsunami of protest and violent reactions would surely ensue and after a couple of weeks the public would then forget about the whole fiasco.


The Mark Twain Reality

[October 14, 2007]

[This is in response for the Blog Action Day; October 15, 2007, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment
in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future. Bloggers of the World unite!] Read more...

Singapura Diaries 808

[June 12, 2007]

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers…  Read more...

Singapura Diaries 707

[May 15, 2007]                                             


It has been a month of my existence here in Singapore and weeks since I last posted anything on my blogs. I even said to myself that I’ll post again after landing a job. Well this is one of those false alarms. I heard that so much has been going on back home. I don’t quite want to be really informed of all the parties and events going on, but news are just news and in this world that has grown so small because of advancements in communications and leaps in terms of connectivity. It’s like an information overload just waiting to explode, if you get my drift, plus the bullshit that G-8 has been peddling that globalization is the wave of the future, I can never really stay disconnected from information. Talk about globalization, well globalize my ass! Third world countries will eventually be at the losing end when everything else ends or when those in the third world choose not to realize the clear and present danger that globalization brings forth. So much about that, I’ll post in the near future why I am against and aghast to globalize. Read more...

Singapura Diaries 505

[April 26, 2007]

(WMP playing Voices by Dario G… we sailed over seven seas, searching for that missing key, unlock a new world harmony… climb the highest mountain range, then we took the longest train, looking for our perfect refrain…) Read more...

Singapura Diaries 404

[April 23, 2007]

Wah! Another McDonald’s breakfast! I noticed that McDonalds here at Bukit Batok MRT is somewhat the hub of teenagers.  Well, that’s bad news for me because almost half of the teenage patrons are also availing of their Wi-Fi and that translates to an almost dial-up connection. Arrgh! Mobik Wi-Fi isn’t redirecting me to its login page. Almost half of my battery is gone and I still can’t fucking connect. I told the manager of my predicament. I’m getting impatient and regretful that I paid a 7SGD meal just because of the free Wi-Fi and here I am with no Wi-Fi. Bad morning or maybe it’s because of this lousy hangover having downed almost 12 Heinekens last night. Read more...

Singapura Diaries 303

[April 22, 2007]

Now it’s imperative that I buy a cellphone here with a kababayan sim to communicate. Che and Coy was more than willing enough to accompany me. I’ll be forever thankful to them they made my stay here seem like I never left home. Coy is one cool guy and very friendly at that. He reminds me of my friends back home, so easy to get along with. I actually find him and my cousin a perfect match. First time we had dinner at Bukit Panjang Plaza I was even asking Che if I get to hear wedding bells soon. Read more...

Singapura Diaries 202

[April 20, 2007]

It was around 9:00am when I woke up. Honestly, I thought I was just dreaming that I’m here. Though I had a great time since I landed here there is really nothing more depressing than a sober morning in a new country. It took me a quick trip to 7-11 for iced coffee and tuna sandwich to overcome that unhappy morning rise. So I then went on my usual morning rituals like praying and thanking God for a safe trip while having coffee but this time in front of the TV, I usually say my prayers on our front yard waiting for the day’s paper while having hot coffee, well, what the heck a little change in my morning rituals won’t really change anything being in a new country after all.  Read more...

Singapura Diaries 101

[April 20, 2007]

As I sat by the window, I saw the buildings and houses getting smaller; next was the islands until my vision of my country literally morphed to that of a bird. There were butterflies constantly fluttering in my stomach to say the least. Now I know how my family felt when they left for the United States. Here I am, bound to a destination, three hours away while my family endures 12-14 hours of skies. The only difference is when they land they have almost all of my paternal side of the family with them. Where I’m going, I have but one of my maternal side of the family waiting for me. Read more...

Blogposts in a Blogpost

[March 26, 2007]

I’ve been very busy and there were many times I tried to post but time is always an inconvenience hence most of my blogposts remains unfinished so I thought of just posting them as is, in parts and not elaborated. Read more...

deJA vu

[January 31, 2007]

Have we met before? Shit! Nangyare na to eh! Well it has been quite a while since I’ve “blogged”. And what a coincidence or is it destiny that I’m “blogging” again right after the night when I said to JA that I would be quoting her response of my response that “right is right…” as “morbidly poetic.” Or maybe it’s just the movie or perhaps déjà vu then again maybe it’s the sum of all that. Read more...

Deciphering Christmas Songs

[December 23, 2006]

I got this from some website about a year ago. Think of this as an electronic Christmas greeting card. Trivia anyone?
The Twelve Days of Christmas Song

Eat Shit

[November 11, 2006]

Cha-cha’s first step, which is the People’s Initiative was just shot down by the Supreme Court declaring it as an “elaborate deceit scheme” however trust [fake]President GMA and her minions to find a way to get around it. Read more...

Costume Party

[October 31, 2006]

Think of this as a Halloween greeting card.
A couple was invited to a swanky masked Halloween Party. She got a terrible headache and told her husband to go to the party alone. He, being a devoted husband, protested, but she argued and said she was going to take some aspirin and go to bed, and there was no need of his good time being spoiled by not going. So he took his costume and away he went. Read more...

Quarter-life Crisis

[October 24, 2006]

A childhood friend of mine finally forwarded this article, We’ve been exhaustively discussing this over cases of SM Light. It helps, a lot. Read more...

When You Divorce Me, Carry Me Out in Your Arms

[October 5, 2006]

I just got hold of this so it’s sharing time. Here goes…
On my wedding day, I carried my wife in my arms. The bridal car stopped in front of our one-room flat. My buddies insisted that I carry her out of the car in my arms. So I carried her into our home. She was then plump and shy. I was a strong and happy bridegroom. Read more...

Annulhate Papers

[September 24, 2006]

You have really got to hate those annulment papers. Everything is way too biased. Well, that really is how it should be, you know legality goobledygook. I’m not contesting, I just want some sentences stricken out. Everything cited in those papers are all exagerrated hate and hits way below the belt. It’s a low blow…a very low blow.

Click The Godfather

[August 14, 2006]

Regrets, I had collected a whole library of them and I’m going to sure regret watching Click in the pirated DVD version instead in THX. Blame it on Sandler’s previous movies with the exception of The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates which has all surpassed my expectations, the rest of his films revolve around humor of the toilet kind. Well I thought Click was not a movie experience for the “surround-sound” cinema kind. Add the fact that this movie was getting reviews of a “seen that” kind of ending. Damn! I was wrong! Dead wrong! Read more...

Relate Once More

[July 20, 2006]

I woke up feeling very, as in very sentimental today, I don’t know if being sober has anything to do with it or the weather, I really don’t know. If I’m not mistaken it is now exactly two years when I submitted this article to Jai my EIC and then it got featured in Magdalo Vol. XXI NO. I. To those who have read this, indulge me. To those who haven’t, read on, this is one of my favorite love stories. Here goes the article. Read more...

Sing! Sing!

[June 25, 2006]

MagicSing is making lots of money, so does the videoke machines where you can sing to your hearts delight just by popping five pesos and those KTV joints are making hay while the sun and the moon shines. These thoughts came rushing to my head pretty much like ecstasy triggering tidal waves of serotonin, just now after hearing mass. Read more...

A Miserably Happy Pearl Diver

[May 3, 2006]

“I need to breathe” these was the exact same text message I got from a friend of mine two nights ago and the weeks before that her messages were of the same context, each message a phrase of her paragraphing the story of her sentenced life on how unhappy she was. Read more...


[February 12, 2006]

You hope and you give up everything for the unicorn, it has been said that it is impossible to snare one, yet everyone still tries. Read more...

Never ever take sides to anyone against The Family

[December 23, 2005]

CHRISTMAS SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue unless you do not want to be merry this Christmas! 
I had a dream just after I completed the Misa De Gallo. In my dream I killed someone. She was older than me way older than I am “old enough” like I used to say when someone asks me my age. She was lying and stealing from me and I caught her red-handed. Everyone was begging me that I spare her life. But then I said “It’s Christmas, this is my gift to everyone. She pleaded for her life. And then I shot her. She died on the spot. But she weirdly uttered just before her last breath, the words, “thank you very much.” She smiled just before she died. She was the president. Read more...

Surfin' Nueva Ecija

[October 8, 2005]

Just yesterday I had a cruel trip back and forth Nueva Ecija, We embarked from Laguna at around 5 am, owe that to the fact that those guards from Las Villas are "just following orders" that they open the gate only at 5 am–exactly at five. Fine by me after my two last encounters of guard, one of which is "Dugong" from EAC (The Meeting Revolutions) and the other was with "Pugak" (I sort of coined that, because judging from his look and age, you could say na "pupugak pugak na paghinga nya") I have learned to just "let go and let God" when dealing with, well, guards, (ahhh, the sublime influence of the open-minded president–he is just a guard and he will be a guard all his life) Read more...

Microwave O’ Van

[August 30, 2005 ]

Today… I will again attend my classes after a week in hibernation. Today …I will be discussing Distributed Election Algorithm. Today… I have to be early to prepare for my presentation. My Operating System depends on it. Today… I rode the worst van of my commuting career. Read more...

BS Commuter Science

[August 16, 2005 ]

Damn! I was so wasted last night…My car stalled in the middle of nowhere but what was supposed to be the worst night of life and the expected worst day of life turned out to be a "star-strucking" experience. Read more...

The Meeting Revolutions

[July 2, 2005]

“He is JUST a guard” and we, the press have no right in branding him as a “creature of the night” or calling the guard names in jest or just for the fun of it the “open-minded” president said as the discussions crawled to his “favorite” employee who I had the dishonor of arguing with months ago. Funny, the order of the “bored-room” meeting was supposed to be about the recommendation letter but here we have the “open-minded” president slyly veering away from that order. Read more...

The Meeting Reloaded

[June 24, 2005]

“Take the blue pill or the red pill…” why does it have to blue or red? Why not black or white? Why does the skin color of Bruce Banner turn to green when he morphs into the Incredible Hulk? Why do we call the color yellow, yellow? These were just some of the thoughts in my head as I try to device ways as I valiantly struggle and resist the tempting promise of “slumber land” during the “oh my! Why the hell did I go here bored-room” meeting. Read more...

The Meeting

[June 21, 2005]

Days ago we had our staff’s meeting with the president at the mini-board room. Well, a "bored room" it really was.
“Bored-room” Facts: